To Pin or not to Pin-Is Pinterest becoming the New Social Network?

Published on May 23rd, 2012

By Kimberly DelBianco

FLHS students have been  spending  their free time scrolling on the latest social networking sight in attempts to obtain an idea for a prom dress. Alas, artists admire the photography which plasters the webpage. These are some of the well- loved uses of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social networking sight that allows you to share (i.e. “pin”) pictures. The pictures vary from food, beauty, weddings, fashion, etc. Occasionally the latest paparazzi photo of celebs will also have been pinned.

Okay—So how does it work? After you create an account, you set up personal boards. These boards can be categorized into anything you want. From there the search begins, you can see what other people are pinning and repin to your own board. The same happens when people see your photos. You can like things and follow users. You will also come across the occasional hashtag.

Pinterest is more of a “network of reposting stuff” said junior Sarah Greenwood. As opposed to Facebook and Twitter, which is used for posting whereabouts and thoughts in addition to photos. You are able to comment on pins, but not chat with other users.

Greenwood also stated that she thinks the social network is “really addicting” and loves how “you can organize your pins into categories for prom ideas or foods. It’s also really cool because you can just stumble across something randomly and find little treasures.”

Pinterest has quickly become, for some, a handy tool for finding fashion and recipes, or a way to pass time.


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