Summer Shows

Published on June 4th, 2012

By Krushangi Maisuria

With summer only about a month away, everyone is anticipating the warm weather and school ending! However, some people are eagerly anticipating the return of some of their favorite shows or the premiere of new shows.                                                      Here are some of those shows:

Duets- This brand new show is similar to Dancing with the Stars, except
with singing. Celebrity singers will do a duet with the contestants. Celebrity
singers are Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles and Robin Thick.

Alphas- Back for a second season. In case you don’t know
that the show is about, it’s a sci-fi drama about people with super powers.
Sounds exciting!

Teen Wolf- MTV’s teen wolf is back for a second season.

Hit TV Show Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars- This highly popular T.V. show is back
for another season! After last season’s revealing of “A”, fans are probably
excitedly waiting for the new season and the new mysteries.

White Collar- White Collar’s a drama involving mysteries,
crime and the FBI.

America’s Got Talent- Since the new judge, Howard Stern,
criticized the other judges as being too soft, expect the new season of
America’s Got Talent to be filled with Stern’s strict judging style.

Keeping up with the Kardashians- Back for a 7th season!




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