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Playing for More Than the Game

This years logo for the 13th Annual Sticks For Soldiers.

This years logo for the 13th Annual Sticks For Soldiers.

This years logo for the 13th Annual Sticks For Soldiers.

This years logo for the 13th Annual Sticks For Soldiers.

Playing for More Than the Game

December 5, 2018

Lacrosse players all across the country pay lots of money to go to different tournaments. However, for this tournament, all proceeds went to charity to help wounded veterans.

The 13th annual Sticks for Soldiers charity lacrosse tournament was held on Saturday, November 24th. This tournament raises money to help wounded veterans heal both emotionally and physically.

In 2017, 60 teams participated, raising over $110,000. Since the non-profit’s start, it has raised more than $800,000.

Raising money is not the only important part of the tournament; building awareness is as well. High school athletes get to compete for a great cause while also learning what they can do to help.

To make the event more special, each year, they honor two different service men or women. This year, they are United States Marine Sergeant Jared Luce and United States Marine Corporal Manuel Jimenez.

They also pick a different distinguished veteran who, this year, is United States Army Sergeant Gabriel Nutter. The money donated helps these wounded veterans rebuild their lives.

The Ludlowe Boys Lacrosse team sells wristbands as a way to raise money for the event.

On the day of the event, the ceremony to honor these veterans takes place mid-day. No games are scheduled at this time so everyone can show their respect and support.

The teams sit on the field, watching and listening to the color guard and the different stories of the veterans.

Amanda Schramm, a Fairfield Ludlowe Girls Lacrosse alumni, says, “ It’s cool to see how many players come out to support.” This event brings together many aspects of the local community, and almost 900 high school athletes coming to show their support.

Not only is it for an amazing charity, but it’s filled with fun and competitive lacrosse.

Chloe Madzio, a junior on the Ludlowe Girls Varsity Lacrosse team said, “It’s good to be back playing with my team in a positive and fun environment.” This is something the girl’s lacrosse team at Ludlowe does every year, and it even has some of their own traditions for the event.

Every year, the Ludlowe girls’ lacrosse alumni come and coach this year’s team. “It was a good team bonding experience, and it was fun watching all the lacrosse,” said varsity sophomore Anna Paulmann.

Both Paulmann and Madzio said that the ceremony highlighted the purpose of the tournament and made them all feel “united and apart of something bigger than ourselves.”

We often take the freedoms and liberties in our lives for granted; this event makes you want to give back for what these veterans have done for us.

The event is held every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Go to support not only the cause, but to be apart of a larger community that gives back.

Lacrosse connects so many people to this event and is a great way to spread awareness.

Visit to donate or volunteer!

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