Should Seniors Have to Take P.E.?

What is really important for seniors at this time?

Senior Maggie Leatherwood at a cross country meet

Senior Maggie Leatherwood at a cross country meet

Evelyn Hogarth, Staff Writer

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As a senior at FLHS, I notice that senior privilege is a common topic among many seniors.

Something that also seems to be a common topic is if gym should be a requirement for varsity athletes. So what if a senior privilege was for varsity athletes to opt out of gym?

In many private schools, the policy is that with the participation in a varsity sport, the student would not have to take PE. Although this is the case in private schools, public school law states that four years of gym are required.

According to the website of Health and Wellbeing, the purpose of PE is to develop “capabilities and attributes necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future.”

The traits and skills described can also be developed through playing a team sport. Here at Ludlowe, there are many athletes who have dedicated a significant part of their life to sports who could use a study hall or a free period to get more work done, especially when they will be spending a few hours after school at practice.

On the other hand, events like the volleyball tournament make PE fun for many seniors, as it is something they’ve been looking forward to since freshman year.

I interviewed senior Maggie Leatherwood about the topic. Leatherwood believes that with the stress of college and school in the first semester, seniors should not have to participate in gym.

She believes that, “Seniors who play varsity sports are certainly getting enough exercise outside of school.” She adds another point of the added potential of injury.

Although she believes that seniors should not have to participate, she believes that the “volleyball tournament is a big draw for seniors,” and that “it is a fun way for seniors to play volleyball with their classmates,” but says that “it isn’t worth five months of gym.”

Personally, PE isn’t something I mind doing. Although, as a two-sport varsity athlete myself it does seem more helpful to have a free or study hall, the volleyball tournament was a lot of fun.

On the other hand, PE class is only a half year and a mini, and with the new scheduling, health and gym are in the same period, so we get a full free the second half of the year.

Although the legislation of senior athletes not having to take gym probably will not change, I am glad that the school allows the volleyball tournament, as we don’t have much senior privilege, this is something us seniors look forward to.