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Can It Save Netflix?

January 17, 2019

As critics claim Netflix content is beginning to downfall, viewers wonder if Bandersnatch will revive their struggle.

With countless poorly-directed, unheard of movies, Netflix has begun to lose popularity. Netflix needs another classic hook to keep viewers engaged.

Bandersnatch, released on December 28th, is a Netflix movie based on the hit dark thriller series “Black Mirror”.

Bandersnatch has introduced an entirely new outlook on movie concepts as we know them. What better way to satisfy and intrigue viewers than letting them be the director?

Netflix decided to create a “choose your own story-line” movie in which throughout the movie the viewer is given the choice to choose which action the main character, Stefan, makes.

The viewer has the ability to decide which path to take with decisions as simple as which cereal the character should eat and as important as which character should be kept alive. With these heart racing decisions at your fingertips, the movie/game leaves you with only 10 seconds to decide or it will force you to re-watch the scene.

As critics rave about this never before thought of idea, many people wonder if Bandersnatch is the hit that it is said to be. After watching this film I am left with mixed opinions.

I found the movie a bit boring through the first twenty minutes or so, but then again, most hit Black Mirror episodes take a while to get started. Another aspect about the movie that bothered me was how it makes you redo the scene and decision based on whether you make the decision that it wanted.

What I and most people don’t realize is that the choices they give you to make after you go back change depending on the decision you made before. With that being said, viewers will assume that the movie is really steering its own path with a poor illusion that it is really the viewer’s choice which is incorrect.

Although the movie may give you the choice between keeping a character alive or not and will make you repeatedly re-decide if they need you to keep the the character alive in order to keep the movie itself alive. This is very annoying to some, but understandable.

When I finished this movie, I found myself in such an illusion of repeated events that I had to shut it off to recollect myself. I then contacted a friend to share my disappointment just to find out that they reached a completely different ending.

The producers put several hours of film into this movie for the ability to give the viewers a different movie each time they choose a different path. The intelligent film making even included hidden endings in which they call “Easter eggs” that are very difficult to get to and some may never even find.

This movie can generally be for a wide range of viewer type because you have the choice of whether you want to make it a horrifying, gory film or a dark and intense, but non horrifying movie.

All-in-all I think this is a great film that was  very well put together and will be well-received, depending on how you steer it.

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