Have No Fear, Iced Coffee is Near


Paige O'Connell

FAIRFIELD, CT– Tired of spending $4 to $5 on iced macchiatos or frappuccinos?

Well, here’s some good news: Fairfield has many places to get iced coffees, however you can be the judge of which is the best.

I decided that I would visit three coffee shops fairly close to Fairfield Ludlowe High School and rate each one based on price, speed of service, and overall taste.

The three coffee places I visited in town were: Donut Inn, Dunkin Donuts, and ‘Wich Day. All are favorited by students who attend Fairfield Ludlowe High School, but why?

On a Tuesday morning at around 7 a.m., Donut Inn had a line already formed with both students and adults. I ordered a medium iced coffee, and it took them about 45 seconds to make. It was $2.85, and was definitely tasty.

Donut Inn is a convenient three minute drive from school, therefore many people tend to go there in the morning. It is in the middle of the circle that is formed downtown, so traffic can play a factor some days.

On Wednesday morning, I entered Dunkin Donuts at around seven a.m. again, only to find it notably quieter. After not waiting in line for very long, I ordered the same thing: a medium iced coffee. It was cheaper, only $2.49, however it took them a solid two minutes to make, and it could have tasted better.

Dunkin Donuts is right across the street from Donut Inn, however it is on the outskirts of the circle, so it’s easier to get to. But on the downside, it does not have a lot of parking.

Lastly, on Thursday, I checked out ‘Wich Day, a newly attractive breakfast place. I arrived at seven a.m., and was surprised with a long line full of students. I ordered the same iced coffee. It took approximately a minute and a half to receive my order and the cost was $2.60.

‘Wich Day is located downtown as well, but is a little closer to school than the other two locations. The parking spots right outside the building are usually filled, but it shares the same parking lot with Sunny Daes, so there’s overflow parking available.

All three locations were open and fully staffed for the morning rush hour, and the employees were generally pleasant.

‘Wich Day certainly provides the closest location to Ludlowe High School. However, if your budget is tight, Dunkin Donuts offers the best priced coffee.

Or if you are like me, and not interested in price or location, then Donut Inn should be your go-to-spot for the best tasting morning brew.