How To Spot FAKE Followers

Paige McGee, Journalist

With Instagram being one of the biggest social media platforms today, it causes us to wonder about our follower ratios, likes, and views.

It’s a given that not every single follower is going to like your posts or even see them at all, but how do you know if your followers are even real?

Well, here are a few red flags to spot when you’re scrolling through your followers.

If the account has minimal to zero followers, that is already a warning sign. Most likely they will have no profile picture or an unusual one.

Another key factor in searching for the frauds, is their engagement levels. It’s common they will be super-active for a short period of time, then turn into a “ghost follower” since after all they are most likely a “bot”.

These “socialbots” are ran by certain people or organizations who are designed to automatically generate messages, likes or comments to increase attention to their own social media.

Spotting these counterfeit accounts is pretty simple, but most likely the actual accounts are harmless.

The only annoying factor about these accounts is that they make your follower quantity seem larger than it actually is and they don’t translate into your likes.

In the end, most of the time fake followers are irrelevant, but sometimes it’s nice to know how to detect these bogus so called “people”.