International Tensions Rise After New Wave Of Drone Strikes


Picture provided by: Al Jazeera

Eli Moyse, Prospect Staff Writer

Though tensions have been running high for a while, it seems they have hit another high point today, as Donald Trump levels new sanctions against Iran in relation to a drone strike on a Saudi Oil production facility and field. Though Iran has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attack, everybody seemingly unquestionably believes that they are responsible through sponsoring Houthi Rebels in the area.

This is simply a new chapter in the long tolling, and disturbing Yemeni Civil War. The U.S. and other major world powers back Saudi Arabia’s efforts to defend the current government, while Iran backs the Houthi, a rebel organization attempting to overthrow the current government of Yemen. Though the U.S has always supported Saudi Arabia, there has been some controversy over whether it is the right move, as the Saudi’s involvement in the conflict has caused a serious famine and has killed an innumerable amount of innocent Yemeni citizens.

If the attack was pegged on Iran it would force them to issue an official response on the attack, and most likely take some military action. They would also have to respond to the international community as the attack devastated not only Saudi Arabia, but drove up oil prices as much as 19% all over the world. The future does not bode well for Iran, or the future of U.S. participation in Middle Eastern Conflicts.