Bettering Our Community Every Wednesday

The Tiny Miracles Foundation

Kayleigh Johnson, Student Journalist

Every Wednesday here at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, students have the opportunity to participate in a great selection of clubs, but many would rather sleep-in than attend activity period.

 But, is it worth the extra twenty minutes of sleep to miss out on great opportunities to give back to our community? 

There are so many clubs that work to do incredible things, so why skip out on fun ways to help out around our town? 

For the new year, consider joining one of these charitable clubs if you are not in a club already.

In 2018, one in ten babies were born too early in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Tiny Miracles Foundation (TTMF) is “a nonprofit charity based in Fairfield County, Connecticut dedicated to helping families with premature babies” according to their website.

This description is perfect for what the organization does, and what the Tiny Miracles Club assists with here at FLHS. 

During B week, students cut and knot blankets together that will be donated to preemies through TTMF. 

Mrs. Mushala, advisor of Tiny Miracles, explained how she was happy to advise the club especially after having the executive director of the organization talk to one of her child development classes. 

She was “blown away” at how much this organization does, so when Samantha Richer, a senior and the club president, and her sister Gaby Richer, a sophomore, asked if she would advise, she agreed. 

The club is “very relevant to child development” making it a perfect fit for Mushala, and she is glad she creates a space for the club to work. 

Her favorite aspect of the club is watching the members create blankets for the babies, that “represent their… infant’s experience.” She described them as “beautiful” and “comforting,” similar to how the organization supports families psychologically and financially.

Besides making blankets, there are many other volunteer opportunities found through joining the club, and Mrs. Mushala agrees it is “totally worth the time and effort because they do wonderful things.” 

Watch this video to see firsthand what this organization is doing for these families→

If you want to learn more, or find a volunteer opportunity →

Another amazing club dedicated to giving back to our community is the Youth American Cancer Society (YACS) Club.

 Every B week, the members of this club “strive to spread awareness, raise money for research, but also try and identify ways that we can support those who are both struggling with a personal diagnosis or with a loved one who might be suffering from cancer,” says club advisor Mrs. LeFebvre. 

The club participates in many fundraisers throughout the year starting at the beginning of the year through the spring. For example, YACS always participates in is Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in October, which is run by the American Cancer Society. 

The YACS club is joined by many in Sherwood Island in Westport and Mrs. LeFebvre recalls how “it’s always so powerful to see how many people are present and fighting for the same cause.” 

The club participates in a gift wrapping fundraiser at Barnes and Noble during the holidays as well, and all proceeds go to purchasing toys for children at Smilow Cancer Center.

Club officer Andrew McKinnis’s favorite fundraiser is Relay for Life. It takes place during the Spring every year, and the club hopes to get many students involved this year by aligning with the Falcon Footprint campaign.

“The more people, the more power we have,” says Mrs. LeFebrve, so “stay tuned” as the club does more to involve students in their cause.

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So, take a peek at the extensive activity list under the students tab in the FLHS homepage, and you can find many clubs like these you may not have heard of yet.

Together as a school, we can better our town, and the world, just twenty minutes at a time, every Wednesday.