Fashion in College Football?

Published on November 29th, 2011


Many universities are beginning to change their football team's uniforms

Across the country, college football players are turning in their usual uniforms for sleek and modern get-ups.  Many traditionalists are hesitant to accept the new styles, while others enjoy the change.

The University of Oregon is famous for its “eye-catching” uniforms which sport different arrangements of bright yellow and green, grey, and black.  Oregon, the home of Nike, debuts its new uniforms every year.  This year the shoulder pads featured a steel diamond-plated pattern, while a couple of years ago they featured duck wings.

Other colleges including Georgia, the University of California-Los Angeles, and Maryland have begun to follow suit.  UCLA, a school who’s students have worn the same style for decades, decided to introduce a bright yellow jersey for the first time this past year.  Georgia, another traditional school, decided to introduce a modern all-red uniform and a grey helmet.  The University of Maryland has adopted the most controversial new uniform, using the Maryland state flag as inspiration. A smorgasbord of black and yellow checker with a unique red and white pattern, some believe the jersey borders on hideous.

However, some students love these innovative new designs.  Senior football player Michael McQuade believes that there is an advantage to style.

“I like flashy colors,” said McQuade, ”I feel like it makes the players play more efficient on the field when they look better.  Look better-feel better, feel better-play better.”

Fashion has definitely taken over college football uniforms, something that may serve to boost the sales of college gear.  Some schools have even begun to put army camouflage in their get ups, paying homage to the United States veterans and the military.

While some schools have taken a path of modernization, other schools have decided to go back to their roots. This year, Syracuse University decided to ditch its modern uniforms and adopt the style it used back in the 1950’s.  Other schools such as Michigan, Baylor and Rice have followed suit.  Senior James Randolph likes the style of these uniforms better than their modernized counterparts.

“Throwback uniforms are classy as heck.  Schools should definitely rock them more often because they’re ‘phresh’,” said Randolph.

Traditional uniforms may be better for college football in general.  Bringing college football back to traditional roots not only appeals to fashion-savvy fans, but to many sentimental, conservative football fans who oppose modern uniforms.

Some students find themselves right in the middle of this debate.  Senior Stuart Devotie is a fan of any change in college football.

“It’s good to see something new, a nice change of pace,” said Devotie, “I don’t like the usual, solid-colored jerseys.  I like the flashy and traditional stuff.”

Nobody can predict what a college football teams may look like in the future.  Over the past few years, almost every team has made some change to its uniforms.  So many division I, II ,and III schools are altering their uniforms that it’s hard to keep up.  Nevertheless, it is certainly fun to watch.


  1. Posted by jc1624 on December 15th, 2011, 11:09

    Every college should re-do their uniforms every so often.Just look at the Oregon Ducks,they must have about 50 different possible uniform combinations. Has anyone seen the new uniforms the varsity team is getting?


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