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Fairfield PD has an oversight committee, appointed by the selectmen.
Police Reform
Willow McKinnis, Prospect Staff Writer • October 20, 2020

For quite a long time, the United States of America and many other nations around the world have had calls for police reform. The movement in the US has become increasingly...

"Don't Be Afraid": How the President Has Undermined Civic Responsibility
Harper Treschuk, Editor in Chief • October 10, 2020
Continuing to recklessly avoid public health measures puts the most powerful and the most vulnerable among us, alike, at risk.
Signs from a peaceful anti-racism demonstration on the town green in June
Black Lives Matter
August 10, 2020
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Local Election Candidates Speak to the Importance of Voting
Local Election Candidates Speak to the Importance of Voting
Arushi Mallarapu and Harper Treschuk November 6, 2020

The Prospect's Arushi Mallarapu interviewed Brian Farnen and Jennifer Leeper, candidates for District 132 in the state House of Representatives,...

ACS on Campus at Ludlowe High School
Join FLHS build On!
Autumn Fall Photo
Photographer: Isabelle Morse
The Ludlowe esports club. Picture provided by Gary Stewart.
Falcon Success in esports
Campbell Treschuk, Prospect Staff • October 13, 2020

Football, basketball, soccer, esports. All of these are team sports at Ludlowe. First off, what is esports? To put it simply, it’s competitive video gaming at a professional...

Sports and Safety: A Delicate Balance
Sports and Safety: A Delicate Balance
Campbell Treschuk, Prospect Staff • September 5, 2020

As the school year begins, one of the biggest questions has been about sports, which provide meaningful team bonding and fulfillment for athletes. What will a key aspect of...

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Join the Art of Conversation Club!
The Art of Conversation Club is a laid-back club that offers students who wish to have a conversation with each other (on pretty much any topic) can do so. The advisor to this club is Mrs. Calkins.
The FLHS Marine Biology Class is holding a second-hand clothing drive for the FLHS community and encourages students to get involved.
A Sustainable Ocean: FLHS Marine Biology Class Clothing Drive
Harper Treschuk, Editor in Chief • November 27, 2020

Did you know that our clothes shed half a million tons of microfibers each year? These small plastic fibers, released from synthetic garments...

Tidal Horse is a sustainable company that makes a range of casual clothing.
Comfy Sweatshirts to Keep You Warm on Cold Winter Days and Nights
Sophie Keeley, Prospect Staff Writer • November 27, 2020

Hi everyone! I am so sorry it has been a while, I have just had lots of school work and college applications to submit! I now hope to be more...

Ubuntu Life, a sustainable fashion company in Kenya, has created VOTE beaded bracelets to encourage people to vote.
Bracelets to Get Out the Vote!
Sophie Keeley, Prospect staff • October 1, 2020
Ubunti Life has created VOTE beaded bracelets in all sorts of colors to help get people to vote.
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