How to Guarantee a Snow Day


Sarah Herley

Now that winter has begun, students are eager for school to be cancelled and to spend the day inside watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.

Here are some superstitions students believe that make snow days occur. Doing these tricks multiple times is said to ensure an even higher possibility of a snow day.

Wear your pajamas inside out:

Wearing your pajamas inside out has been one of the most popular and deemed most accurate snow day superstitions.

Sleep with a spoon under your pillow:

People say this superstition is more accurate if the spoon is frozen, but others just use a regular spoon.

Place a white crayon on the windowsill:

The trick is to place one or more white crayons on windowsills throughout the house. If you place white crayons on your window sills then you could possibly see a picture of snow outside your window the following morning.

Flush ice cubes down the toilet:

One ice cube is equivalent to one inch of snow so place use as many ice cubes you need to in order to ensure a snow day.

Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand:

Some people believe that if you brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, then it means it there will be a snow day the following day.

Place a spoon in the freezer:

If you do not want to sleep with a spoon under your pillow then you can leave the spoon in the freezer overnight.

Sleep backwards:

Yet another superstition having to do with opposites; it is said that if you sleep with your head at the foot of your bed then a snow day will occur.

Tweet Superintendent Toni Jones:

If all else fails, Tweet your superintendent in hopes of getting your snow day. This is the most popular superstition for students in Fairfield.  Superintendent Jones receives several Tweets from students all around the district begging for school to be cancelled.

So, with the forecast for Friday morning looking like snow, which superstition will you choose?