A Letter of Advice To Freshman

Insight Regarding High School that will Help Offer Direction to Underclassmen


Grace Pelle

Four years. We all have four years throughout high school that are crucial in order to learn about ourselves, build friendships, expand our horizons, and make some of the best memories of our lives.

Now, as a senior, I have been reminiscing on the past and thinking of the time I have left before I start the next chapter of my life. It is the strangest feeling – to feel torn between appreciating the home I have made at Fairfield while also looking forward to moving somewhere new and exciting, yet unfamiliar.

Looking back at my experiences at Ludlowe from an outside perspective, here is some advice to the freshmen who are starting their high school journey that I hope is helpful.

First off, it is completely normal to feel confused or intimidated. It is halfway through the year – the seemingly never-ending hallways and staircases will continue to gain familiarity over time, and upperclassmen would be glad to help guide you to a class. Never hesitate to ask questions and speak up – it will help you in the long run.

Required classes may seem frustrating, so save room in your schedule to take classes that spark your interests and passions. My sophomore and junior year were very occupied with academic courses, so I was able to take most of my electives my freshman and senior year.

That being said, it is extremely beneficial to be aware and take advantage of the wide variety of electives Ludlowe has to offer. If you have always wanted to learn Photoshop, take intro to digital photography. If you are passionate about creating stories and acting, take movie production.

You never know – these courses could spark a hidden chord within you that could determine your future career path.

In addition, I highly recommend being involved in the music department here at Ludlowe. Being a part of this community was the best decision I made. You make some of strongest friendships and have access to the most amazing opportunities.

Although it is important to take classes that interest you, it is also crucial to learn your work ethic. Freshman year allows you to grasp which studying habits work best for you. It’s almost like a trial and error method.

If you are struggling in a certain subject, be proactive and seek extra help from a teacher. There are also numerous amounts of upperclassmen that are willing to tutor students in need of further assistance.

Make good decisions with your school work because these choices will become routine and will shape you for the rest of your high school experience.

As you grow older in your high school years, you gain flexibility and independence. However, that means more responsibilities and stress on time management.

The block schedule is a gift to students because it gives us an extra day to complete our homework before our next class. However, don’t take that time for granted. Avoid procrastination by staying on top of your work and know how much time each assignment may take.

Finding a balance between friends, family, school, work, sports, and personal interests throughout high school is probably one of the most difficult aspects. However, if you plan in advance and create your own schedule, this can become easier to manage.

As you venture into your upperclassmen years, the daunting word, ~college~ will become a more commonly used phrase. Don’t worry, the whole idea of it may seem hard to grasp, but if you start making your own criteria list while investigating certain schools a bit earlier, you will make the process easier for yourself.

These 4 years flew by so fast. Before you know it, you will be throwing up your caps at graduation.

Hopefully, this letter of advice is helpful to the underclassmen at Ludlowe, and I wish you all the best of luck in your high school journey.