Behind the Scenes on “Hello, Dolly!”


Harper Treschuk

On April 26-27, the Drama Club will be performing “Hello, Dolly!”, a bright and uplifting musical that follows the story of matchmaker Dolly Levi through the streets of New York at the turn of the century. This lighthearted comedy provides an opportunity to showcase the artistic talents of Ludlowe students, who are working diligently on many different aspects of the play, whether to cast the songs and acting in rehearsal, or to fashion the sets, props, and costumes for the musical. The Prospect interviewed several members of Drama Club for a “Behind the Scenes” preview on what you will be seeing in a few short weeks.

Since January, the Drama Club has been rehearsing with Director Ms. Kondziela and choreographer Ms. DePaolo to create the songs, dancing, and acting for “Hello, Dolly!”. Working closely alongside Ms. Kondziela and the actors is Ludlowe junior Danielle Wilklow, the Assistant Director of the musical. Danielle assists with all aspects of the show, especially casting, and shared how rewarding it is to have the opportunity to meet Drama Club students involved in different details, from set crew to ensemble. “Everyone is so interested and loves the aspect of the show they are working on!” she says. Danielle also shared her insight on how the scope of the musical has grown as each aspect – costumes, props and lines – is added. She is excited to see the individual effort that each Drama Club member has contributed meld into an exciting whole on opening night.

The costume department has the role of selecting garments for the ensemble members, actors, and dancers, which contributes to the play’s setting overall as well as the presentation of each specific character. For example, individuals with a more outgoing and energetic personality in the show are given more colorful and flamboyant costumes, whereas individuals with more of a conservative personality are dressed in more subdued colors. Alissa Ceruzzi, the leader of the Costume Crew, first joined Costumes her sophomore year for the musical “Mame”. Alissa joined because of her passion for fashion design, and enjoys how the upcoming play has lent itself well to creative, vivid garments and designs. Alissa shared, “I think what’s exciting is the fact that it’s comedy and everyone’s going to be in light, bright colors. It’s been a long time since we did a show like that.”

The Makeup Crew has also been working hard to present the show. Similar to the costume department, the Makeup Crew ensures that the makeup of each character is appropriate for the 1800s time period, and also casts the individual in their specific attributes of personality and age. Jess Rutkauskas, the leader of the Makeup Crew, notes, “In this show, there are also older characters meaning that sometimes makeup that makes you look older from afar is needed or a grey wig.” Jess enjoys being a part of the makeup crew because her expertise helps the actors and ensemble to look their best and adds a “polishing touch” to the production.

Whether as actors or dancers, members of the costume department or the Makeup Crew, Ludlowe students have shown extraordinary commitment and dedication in sharing their talents and passions with the school community and bringing “Hello, Dolly!” from its first rehearsal to finished production. We invite you to join us on April 26-27 to support the incredible effort that the the Drama Club has put into recreating this joyful comedy of 19th Century America. We hope that you will find laughter and fulfillment, and enjoy seeing the accomplished behind the scenes work of drama students brought to the stage.