The Germany Trip

The beautiful UNESCO biosphere in Germany is one of the many places FLHS students will see.

The beautiful UNESCO biosphere in Germany is one of the many places FLHS students will see.

Sophie Jalkut, Sports and Entertainment Editor

During April break, an number of Fairfield Ludlowe High School students are traveling to Europe on a science based field trip. During this trip students will experience different cultures in both Germany and Switzerland while sightseeing and interactive experiences such as a cooking class. However, the focus of this trip revolves around science so the itinerary is full of technological  sights and institutions.

One of the students attending, Kayla Dubbs, is a junior at FLHS and mentioned that, “Some of the plans in Germany include a guided tour in Berlin, visiting a working urban farm, cooking German flatbread and touring the Black Forest. A few of Switzerland’s plans are seeing a glacier and monuments in the Swiss Alps, hiking through UNESCO biosphere, making cheese in a old monastery and touring a massive underground nuclear bunker.” Dubbs also commented that there were multiple motivations for attending, saying, “ I’ve never been out of the country and knew this was the perfect opportunity. I’m also extremely interesting in anything science and environment… [and] the tours are based around the idea of sustainable living.”  

Students in Ludlowe are extremely fortunate for this opportunity; however, the majority of the student body have little to no information about the trip. Specifically, the underclassmen were uninformed about the opportunities available to them. When a number of sophomores were asked about their understanding of the “German trip” most responded, “Which German trip?” On the other hand, the upperclassmen are exposed to the trip from a specific lens. One junior was commenting about rumor concerning significantly lower drinking age in both Germany and Switzerland. She says, “Now that I’m actually 16, it’s weird to think that I could legally drink in other counties but when I was younger… [But] I doubt that the chaperones will actually let anyone drink.” In fact, this was an aspect of the culture shock which the administration and organizers had anticipated. Dubbs, when asked for a comment to the drama of lower drinking she said, “The drinking age has not caused any drama because we had to sign a form that we wouldn’t be drinking even if we’re the legal age. If someone is caught everyone in the group will be sent home.”

Overall, this trip is an immersive, unique experience which is meant for students with deep interest in environmental studies. Dubbs did mention the issue of price saying the trip was, “a bit expensive, but for all the plans being made, I think it was a good deal.” When students get back they will be assigned a project answering focus questions in their areas of interest. These, projects will be presented to the board of education to hopeful encourage more trips for years to come.