A Perfect Place to Go Thrift Shopping!

Since thrifting has become more popular, especially online now that we are all at home more, I wanted share an online thrift store I just discovered.  Ethica is a site that gives clothing a second life. What I love most of all about the site is that all the clothing is affordable!

I recently got into thrifting myself, and during quarantine, cleaned out my closet and brought my best clothes that I no longer wear to a local second hand shop in my town. Now that I know about Ethica, I definitely recommend either donating your clothing or shopping there! They have many incredible items.

Ethica was founded by Estella S., a sophomore at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. She decided to create Ethica after learning about how much damage the fast fashion industry causes to our planet.  She took the opportunity during quarantine to further her knowledge on the effects of climate change and start her company. Whenever someone buys from Ethica, the carbon footprint is reduced and helps bring a sustainable future.

 Ethica even sells their own brand of clothing, from which a portion of the proceeds are donated to Remake, an organization that is fighting to transform the fast fashion industry.

Did you know that people wear fast fashion clothing less than 5 times and on an average keep them for only 35 days?  We can all make a difference by donating and buying clothes from thrift stores, giving these clothes a second (and maybe third) life.