Throwback Thursday

What entertains high school students? Entertainment comes in many forms, and it is interpreted in unique ways. Some current popular high school outlets of entertainment include using electronics, such as watching shows or playing video games, reading, being with friends, going on vacation, art, hitting the mall, community service, making/eating food, and joining clubs. Despite the variety in entertainment options, the majority of students, even adults, choose to use their electronics and the internet to soothe their stress after a long day of work or school. Let’s explore the different kinds of electronic programs and games students used in their childhoods. 

Junior, Jessica Yu, states, “According to my family, I was obsessed with Dora! I also played many games like Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb, and Hannah Montana with my Rose Gold Nintendo D.S. It was a lot of fun.” Another student, who preferred to remain anonymous, answers, “I played Minecraft, Animal Crossing New Leaf (on the Wii), and watched a lot of Disney and Nickelodeon.” Another FLHS student clearly remembers watching, “The Ruff Ruffman Show and Martha Speaks.” These are all some examples of the shows and devices used by students of the early 2000s generation. 

Many older students and adults have different answers. For instance, VCR and VHS cassettes came before the DVD player, where you would have to insert tapes in order to watch films and shows. Look at how fast technology has advanced! 

One similarity between all of these responses is feelings of the “good old days” or nostalgia. I mean, I even remember playing games on my LeapFrog and watching The Wild Kratts and The Cat in the Hat like it was yesterday!

No matter which activities we did as children, we have to grow up eventually and take on new roles. As a junior, I have a load of responsibilities, for this is the year that truly separates children and adults. The outside world is becoming clearer and clearer which means that we need to start thinking about our future lives–which is always hard. Many of my friends tell me that they feel pressured because of the overwhelming amount of tasks to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Entertainment is an excellent way of relaxation, but it should be done in a way that balances our priorities. Reflecting on childhood innocence can bring some peace and stability into our fast-paced lives.