Local Election Candidates Speak to the Importance of Voting

Arushi Mallarapu

Arushi Mallarapu and Harper Treschuk

The Prospect‘s Arushi Mallarapu interviewed Brian Farnen and Jennifer Leeper, candidates for District 132 in the state House of Representatives, on Election Day. Both candidates conveyed their dedication to our community through their responses to the question, “What could you tell high schoolers and kids who can’t vote yet about the importance of voting?” The Fairfield Registrar of Voters announced that Jennifer Leeper was elected as state representative on November 3.

Farnen, former state representative for District 132, shared, “Regardless of whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or you don’t like either, just get involved with public service. You don’t have to be elected office to get involved in your community.”

Leeper also spoke to the importance of civic engagement: “Our state government is there to protect our values and we really represent you guys. Voting for strong state representatives protects healthcare, education, etc. Three years ago, I was worried for the world my two sons would live in and I realized that I had to get involved.”