The Field of Valor

The Field of Valor honors the service and sacrifice of veterans.

Campbell Treschuk

The Field of Valor honors the service and sacrifice of veterans.

If you drive by Jennings Park, at the corner of Post Road and North Benson, you will see a lot of proudly waving American flags. This is the Field of Valor.

Containing hundreds of flags, this display is constructed to honor our military veterans. People can sponsor flags, with proceeds going to Homes for the Brave, a Bridgeport nonprofit that supports veterans experiencing homelessness. The Field of Valor is created every year by the Kiwanis Club of Fairfield, a volunteer organization.

I had the opportunity to help set up the field, by both pounding the stakes in and putting up the flags. Walking through the field today, I saw flags sponsored for veterans from multiple wars, including both world wars, Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan. 

Fairfield Kiwanis sets up the Field of Valor at Jennings Park every year to honor veterans.

Veterans Day started in November of 1919 as Armistice Day, celebrating the end of World War I. It was federally recognized as a holiday in 1938, and was changed to Veterans Day in 1954.

Though Veterans Day is over, you can enjoy the Field of Valor and pay respects to our veterans until November 21st.