Mixed Views on the New Schedule: What the Students Think So Far


Fairfield Public Schools

The new schedule has been implemented at FLHS since students returned from winter break on January 4.

With the start of 2021 comes a new challenge: the new schedule for hybrid learners. Instead of each cohort attending school in both the first and second halves of the week, the week is now divided, with Cohort A starting the week on Monday and Cohort B often not starting until Thursday. This schedule impacts hundreds of students that are coming back to school in the midst of a pandemic. How do the students feel about the new schedule? I interviewed five students from different cohorts and grades, using the same questions. Below are their responses to the questions. 

What did you initially think about the new schedule?

Anonymous Freshman Cohort B – “I was very confused with it. I didn’t really understand what days I was going to school and why they were changing it… I spent a long time trying to figure it out…” (referring to the new schedule)

Jordan Stein, Junior, Cohort A/newly Remote – “Initially, I was disappointed that they were changing it again. I had just adjusted to the idea of cohort A going on Monday and Thursday and the days being back to back.”

What do you think about the Wednesday schedule? 

Anon. Freshman, Cohort B – “I think the Wednesdays, even though I have not personally needed them because we have only had one, they will definitely be helpful for people who have to catch up on tests, work, or need help from teachers.”

What are your thoughts on the new schedule after a week?

Anon. Freshman, Cohort B – “I like having the days separate, not 1 and 3 in the beginning of the week and 2 and 4 at the end. But if I’m honest, I don’t like going 2 or 3 days in a row.”

Allen Yao, Junior, Remote – “After a week I started to like it, especially on Wednesdays because it is a half day so you get off school early, that part I do enjoy, I think other students enjoy it too.”

What are some pros and cons of the new schedule?

Anon. Sophomore, Cohort A – “I think the pros are definitely the half day, being able to see the day 2/4 classes earlier in the week. I think you have more time to meet with your teachers with this schedule, which is nice. A con is going to school a couple days in a row… but another pro is that when we go back to the regular schedule of 5 days a week, everyone in school, this schedule will acclimate us to that.”

Allen Yao, Junior, Remote – “A pro is, because you are leaving early on half days, you have more time for activities after school or if you have to catch up on homework. Also there are office hours for all teachers now, so it is a great opportunity to reach out to teachers, to schedule extra help if needed, so that’s a plus in my opinion… It is super confusing for people that are new to the school, especially freshman, so that is a con.”

If you could change something, what would you change?

Anon. Sophomore, Cohort A – “I don’t know that I would change anything, because it is kind of nice to get your school days out, I’m in cohort A… so I get my school days out of the way early in the week. I think I would just keep it.” 

Allen Yao, Junior, Remote – “Maybe on Wednesdays we could build in a period for clubs…”

Jordan Stein, Cohort A/newly Remote – “I know that the Wednesday classes are rushed, the teachers are trying to get all their information together like they would have had on a Wednesday… Maybe if they made everyone full remote on Wednesday so people could have more time to have extra help after school… then have extra help start at 12 instead of going straight to extra help at 11.”