Virtual Course Selection During COVID-19


This year, course selection is working a bit differently due to COVID-19. Unlike previous years, course selection is happening online through Infinite Campus. 

On February 2, for cohort A, and February 4, for cohort B, students will all be entering their course requests into Infinite Campus during a homeroom advisory period. 

To prepare for this, it is important to look at the Program of Studies and all the videos created by the administration. There are so many courses available to students that it can be overwhelming, so it is vital to look beforehand to consider the possibilities for next year. There are resources like a course selection presentation, a sheet showing expected times outside of class, and a virtual course selection tour for students to use. This planning must be done before inputting courses into Infinite Campus, in order to create a balanced schedule. 

The week of February 8, teachers will be reviewing the courses that students have chosen. They will then make school counselors aware of any students who are choosing different courses than what they would recommend.

The next step occurs from February 15-March 5. Through a QR code in their homeroom, students will schedule an appointment with their school counselor to finalize their course selections in Infinite Campus. Students will be provided with a copy of their requested courses after the meeting. Both parents and students must sign the documents and then either email it to their school counselor or drop it off at their counseling office.

Right now, it is imperative that students continue to think about what classes they would like to take in order to become the most successful version of themselves next year.