Immunity for the Divine: A Call for Action Against the Femicide in Mexico

It is essential to raise awareness about the rising rates of femicide in Mexico and advocate for accountability, argues the Prospects Jayden Lynn Antonio.

Human Rights Watch

It is essential to raise awareness about the rising rates of femicide in Mexico and advocate for accountability, argues the Prospect’s Jayden Lynn Antonio.

Femininity. In its essence, it is essential and virtuous. Women are cardinal to everyday life, as they are the (literal) bringers of life, but also such incredible role models….creative, innovative, and vital individuals. Admirable adjectives may stimulate in one’s mind when thinking of the female sex, such as resilient, independent, powerful, or even reliable. An immeasurable amount of appreciable concepts may constitute what being a woman truly means, but it is with such strong vehemence that women should be respected. It is sorrowful to see how women are being targeted and harmed in areas around the world; this detrimental issue remains inconspicuous, with limited coverage. For countless years, women in Mexico have undergone a femicide, and now is the time to call for action against this appalling situation. 

Femicide by definition: “the killing of a woman or girl, in particular by a man and on the account of her gender.” In recent years, violence against women in Mexico has staggeringly increased. About 77% percent of women in Mexico have admitted that they feel unsafe. In the first four months of 2020, 987 women and girls were killed, simply because of their gender. This has to stop… now! How do we stop this ongoing femicide? By holding the government and perpetrators accountable. It has been estimated that in the past year, 26,171 emergency phone calls occurred reporting violence against women. Although the number is frighteningly high, the government and officials often dismiss these phone calls, as they are seen as false or incomplete. If we hold greater responsibility over the government, and more care is taken when emergency calls come in, there will be fewer fatalities against women. It is important to hold perpetrators accountable as well. Victims often know the aggressors personally, and are in danger or at risk as they might live with them. It is important to fully investigate all situations, and to provide care centers to which witnesses or victims can reach out. If the hands responsible for causing pain towards women and their families are caught, and given severe consequences, less violence will occur. Many perpetrators get away with their crimes. 

Moreover, it is important to spread the word. The femicide that is occurring in Mexico does not have a lot of media or news coverage. By spreading the world and calling for action, more voices will come to light in order to stop the violence. In March of 2020, protests were held in order to spread awareness for the women affected, but also to call for an end of the brutality in Mexico. By getting more people involved in the movement, there will be a more diverse number of voices to spark change as unity brings transformation. Through such immense protection, we can protect and allow safer environments in which women can thrive.