Our New Social Justice Column: “The Pulse”


Dani Prohaska, Social Justice Editor

The Prospect has created a new column called “The Pulse.” My name is Danielle Prohaska, and I will be the editor for “The Pulse” throughout the 2021-2022 school year!

This new column allows students to write about social justice issues occurring in the world and in our community. The articles in this column will center student voices in an open dialogue about equity, opportunities, resource access, and participation in our school and the world. Articles can include any issues or events that involve any group of people.

“The Pulse” is aimed to address the ideas of society’s structure, human rights and violations of those rights, and underrepresented voices in the community.

Ludlowe students have raised awareness about many issues through assemblies, clubs, classroom conversations, demonstrations, learning, hashtags, and first-hand experiences. The goal of this column is to record what happens as Ludlowe students educate themselves and others while fighting for change. The column will serve as another forum for civil discourse.

The Prospect hopes to raise awareness of many issues and push for civil improvements within our community. We encourage students to speak up and share their voices in “The Pulse” in the future!