The Greatest Female K-Pop Comeback

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Sarah Chen, Entertainment Editor

On October 20, 2021, Lee Chae-Rin released her highly anticipated album: ALPHA. With 11 tracks, “Spicy”, “Lover Like Me”, “Chuck”, “Xai”, “Let it”, “Tie a Cherry”, “Paradise”, “My Way”, “Siren”, “HWA”, and “5 Star”, CL introduces all the different characters of her past.

 From debuting “Fire” in 2009 as the leader of Korean girl group 2NE1, releasing the iconic track: “I am the Best” in 2011, to debuting “Lifted” in 2016, working with Scooter Braun’s agency, and terminating her YG entertainment contract, CL has gained freedom and ownership of herself as an artist. Similar to how 2NE1 became a global biggest second generation Kpop sensation, CL is becoming a dominant multicultural artist. She hones her fierce charisma, talent, and traumatic experiences within her lyrics, music videos, and fashion choices. 

As a long time GZB fan, I have witnessed CL’s growth and talent. I admire her powerful stage presence and demeanor, but more so her journey of recognition and development of self. Her music has accompanied me through my own experiences of loneliness and helplessness. CL is my role model. In the near future, I hope to find my success and use my own voice to convey important issues using logic and analytical skills. 

Last weekend, CL performed in the 2021 Head in the Clouds Los Angeles Music and Arts Festival, with notable artists such Rich Brian and Saweetie, hosted by 88Rising Brookside at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California. While many were unable to attend the festival in person due to prior responsibilities and COVID restrictions, performances were live streamed and uploaded onto the YouTube Platform

If you are looking for a new genre of music with catchy, refreshing, and hip-hop Korean style tracks, I suggest listening to CL’s work. Specifically, I recommend streaming to “Let it”, “Lover Like Me”, “HWA”, and “5 Star” to get a taste of her first released album: Alpha. Also, check out her past singles, “Helicopter”, “Lifted” and “I am the Best”. These are some of my personal favorite songs!