FCYC: Generation of Change


Charlotte Pfenning and Mia Burke

Fairfield Cares Youth Committee (FCYC) is headed by Cathy Hazlett, member of the Fairfield CARES Community Coalition. The Coalition works to bring together citizens, educators and leaders from a broad spectrum of the Fairfield Community in support of our shared vision of a community that promotes healthy, responsible choices through prevention and education for youth, young adults, and families.The members of the youth committee range in grade levels across both Fairfield Ludlowe High School and Fairfield Warde High School. The committee has been working on not only limiting substance abuse among youth, but also taking a new angle: mental health.

Teenagers in Fairfield are exposed to a wide range of information on the dangers of why to avoid drugs or drinking, but they often lack the understanding of why people turn to substances and the underlying issues that tend to lead to misuse. FCYC members wish to address these underlying issues head on by creating a safe environment for youth members to learn about how to live a healthy life and promote wellbeing across Fairfield. 

FCYC was able to have a very successful wellness fair this past spring and has a long lineup of upcoming projects in which all are encouraged to participate. Right now, members are preparing to record a PSA that will be broadcasted on radio stations to remind parents about the dangers of their children using substances like marijuana, nicotine, and alcohol. They are also working on an initiative surrounding vaping which includes handing out reminders to local convenience stores that the purchasing age for vapes is 21 years old. To combat underage drinking, members are creating stickers to put on alcohol containers at local grocery stores that remind parents about the risks they take when they provide alcohol to those underage.

The committee has been working to open up the conversation about the stigma surrounding mental health. It has been clear in recent years that there are major connections between teen substance abuse and mental health struggles. At the group’s wellness fair, there were several stations to help people destress such as a coloring station, a sensory cafe, and a station to make stress balls. They also hope to provide coloring pages to students during midterms so that they can relax in between their exams. 

The committee meets every other Thursday for an hour. If you are interested in joining the group and getting involved, then contact Ludlowe student Livy Shah at [email protected] For more information you can find FCYC on Instagram @fc_youth_committee !