Ahh, MidTerm Exams!


Find this exam organizer/planner on the FLHS Study Tips for Exams Document!

Sarah Chen, Entertainment Editor

As winter is in full bloom, FLHS students snuggly await school closing announcements in light of the cold and icy weather. In the past weeks, superintendent Mike Cummings announced two snow days January 5 and January 7. These two changes have altered the 2022 MidTerm Assessment schedule for students and staff. 

Recently, FLHS principal, Mr. Hatzis sent out an email containing a new schedule with the details and rationale for its underlying revisions. Instead of starting on Tuesday 1/18/2022, exams will now begin on Thursday 1/20/2022. In doing so, exams will not occur consecutively throughout the week meaning students and staff will get Saturday and Sunday (1/22 and 1/23) to either study or plan. According to the email, this adjustment will “relieve some stress and add catching up time for students who may have missed school time due to a Covid isolation period”.

For semester classes, Wednesday and Thursday will serve as review days. Thus, second semester (Term 3) will now begin on Friday 1/28 as a day 2 instead of Wednesday 1/26 day 4. 

Trust me, on the behalf of all seniors, I can say that we are as nervous as the underclassmen. This is our first time taking high school Midterms too! To prepare, here are five helpful tips.


1: Organize and Figure Out the Details of Each Exam.

2: Start Early… in other words Don’t Procrastinate or Cram last minute. Instead, break up each subject and take breaks studying the day.

3: Ask Questions. As this is a new experience, in the context of COVID-19 and the revised schedule, your teachers are more than willing to help and compromise your needs.

4: Use Resources. Whether it’s re-watching recorded lectures, re-reading textbook chapters, completing old quizlets, watching YouTube videos, or reviewing notes and tests, it’s important to target and drill unfamiliar or unclear topics so that you can reduce the chance of making repeated mistakes. 

5: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

For more suggestions, read this released FLHS Study Tips For Exams document. 


And… as cheesy as this sounds, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. YOU, Yes you, GOT THIS!