Ludlowe’s New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the beginning of the New Year; a time for many people to reflect on the past year and set goals they wish to resolve by the end of the year.

There is no doubt the past few years have been nothing but exhausting. People have been cooped up in their homes, working from home, taking care of loved ones, and missing those they couldn’t see. However, despite the hectic nature of the world, people still look to the normalcy of setting goals for the new year. 

The most popular New Year’s resolutions for people to set are related to self improvement, meeting career or job goals, and improving their relationships. 

Ludlowe students and teachers expressed various goals they have set for themselves for 2022. 

Some had academic goals: 

  • Getting organized with their school work 
  • Being on time for class
  • Improving grades 
  • Graduating from high school
  • Becoming more diligent with homework

Many others had personal goals: 

  • Dressing more trendy 
  • Becoming more independent
  • Flossing their teeth everyday 
  • Become more confident
  • Reading more books
  • Going to sleep earlier
  • Instituting a new skin care routine 
  • Engaging in more leisure activities
  • Drinking more water 
  • Showing themselves more self love
  • Spending less time on electronics

Sofie Mazza, a senior at Ludlowe, said, “I like to set new year’s resolutions because I find they are very helpful at keeping me motivated.” Another senior, Ben Zane, said, “Setting a new year’s resolution is just a habit for me now, I set one every year.”

While many students and teachers had very thoughtful resolutions, there were also many people who said that they didn’t have any goals set. Some simply said that they never have a desire to set new year’s resolutions. 

Morgan Jacobson, a Ludlowe senior, determined that she “already sets high expectations for herself so she feels like her goals are set within her expectations.” Denholm Feldman, Ludlowe senior, agrees and says that he “feels discouraged when he doesn’t follow through with his resolutions.” 

Whether you set a new year’s resolution or not, the new year is always an encouraging fresh start and a time to look into the future with optimism.