Ludlowe Senior Creates a Platform for Student Opinion

Did you ever want to have your finger on “The Pulse” of what’s happening here at Ludlowe? Well, so did Allen Yao. The Ludlowe senior decided to create a Youtube series called “The Pulse” that focuses on the perspective of our Fairfield students, specifically, topics that directly impact them. 

The main goal of this series is to be a platform for students to express their opinions and have their voices heard.

Since students are the ones directly affected by school policies and decisions, Yao believes that it’s only fair we get a say. He hopes “The Pulse” can encourage meaningful conversation to create change.

“What sparked doing “The Pulse” at Fairfield Ludlowe specifically, is that a lot of decisions that are made in our school are made without consultation with the students,” said Yao. “I wanted to start this series where we gather student opinion and show the student opinion to the people in power, and therefore they can make decisions that more accurately reflect what the student body feels and thinks.” 

Yao’s first video of the series is a panel of  seniors openly discussing the college process, standardized testing, school safety, and how prepared they feel for the real world. During the 20 minute conversation, the panel shared their thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding these highly relevant topics in their lives. 

Yao’s plan for future segments is to get the perspective from all grade levels, teachers, and administrators to allow everyone to share their opinions.

“I think that it would be really cool to see different groups of people in the school system and how they differ on similar topics,”  Yao says.

He plans to continue developing the channel, make an impact throughout the Fairfield school system, and he wants to “create this [channel] and share it with the Board of Education, so when they are making their next decision, they can make it with at least some student opinions in mind.” 

Thanks to “The Pulse,” Allen Yao is leaving a lasting Falcon Footprint not just here at Ludlowe, but throughout the entire town.