More than 50 Scholarships at your Fingertips

Applying for scholarships can be very stressful and difficult since many scholarships have different requirements and deadlines. However, the High School Scholarship Foundation of Fairfield (HSSFF) is here to help.

The HSSFF is a non-profit, volunteer based foundation that was founded in 1989 to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors at Fairfield’s public high schools. 

This program is governed by a community-based volunteer board of directors. The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial aid in the form of one-time scholarships to graduating seniors of Fairfield high schools who will be attending accredited institutions. They grant the scholarships based on financial need, academic achievement, community service, and other relevant factors, without regard to race or religion.

The HSSFF offers students the opportunity to apply for local scholarships without complicated due dates or other exhausting requirements. The applications become available online, usually in early April. To apply for a scholarship, students must email the foundation and then wait to receive an application, which they must then fill out. 

The Foundation is independent, meaning that they have their own application process. Alice Gorman, a teacher in the College and Career center at Ludlowe says, this foundation is like the “common app” for scholarships. To apply for these amazing scholarships, all that is required is one application and that’s what is used for any and all the possible scholarships. 

Because this foundation is only within Fairfield public schools, it limits competition compared to the scholarships of national foundations. This makes it more promising to obtain a scholarship rather than when competing nationwide. Gorman says, “The scholarship foundation really is the way to go for local scholarships.”