Student Voices: Polls from January 28, 2022

Mia Burke, Social Media and Polls Editor

Question: Have you witnessed grade inflation at Ludlowe? 

13 students responded that they have not seen grade inflation while 7 responded that they have. Although these responses make it seem as if grade inflation is not heavily recognized at Ludlowe, the 7 votes that have seen it make it clear that grade inflation is definitely present.  

Question: Thoughts on how to revive school spirit?

Many responses suggested having a pep rally outside, while others suggested prioritizing Battle of the Houses as an event for later this year. Additionally, students responded that they would like to see more themed dress up days and more themes at sports games this winter and spring, similar to the themes used at football games this past fall. Inclusivity in student sections at games was also addressed in the responses as some feel that the environment has not been welcoming during recent months. 

Question: Did you feel prepared for midterms?

In response to this question, 8 students responded yes and 27 students responded no, making it easy to conclude that there can and needs to be a change in how students are prepared for midyear and final exams.

Question: Other thoughts about how students were prepared for midterms this year?

Some students suggested they needed more time to prepare. With midterms being set after winter break, that also limits students time to really dive into their course material and feel secure before exams. Other students mentioned that the surge in COVID cases left students feeling very uneasy about keeping up with course material, especially with teachers out, reducing time to review. Another response noted that study plans from January were helpful with the process, but the general consensus seemed to be that students felt that midterm preparation was rushed. 

Question: Thoughts on new guidelines following the ban on student sections?

The general consensus of the responses was that the restrictions never do not make much sense. If students are already in school, what is the difference being in the student section. Others also noted that there should be more leniency in letting students go to games.

Question: Are you looking forward to going to hockey or basketball games?

14 students voted for hockey while 12 voted for basketball, making it a very close vote. There are still plenty of more games for students to attend this winter season, and with attendance regulations shifting, it seems that more students will be taking advantage of their ability to go support our sports teams this winter.