Student Voices: Polls from February 4th, 2022

Mia Burke, Social Media Editor

Question: Any course recommendations for students selecting courses right now? 

Students recommended Intro to Business because of the foundation it lays for other courses. A senior also mentioned AP Literature. The senior went on to note that AP Lit is known to be a challenging course, but not to be scared! The course is great for those with a passion for English and the seminar and open-ended format of the course is greatly beneficial. 


Question: Will you be keeping up with the Winter Olympics?

58% of the students responded yes, that they will be watching the Olympics. On the other hand, 42% of the students said they are not planning to keep up with the Olympics. 


Question: For seniors, have you caught senioritis yet? 

67% of seniors reported that they have already felt the effects of “senioritis”. The other 23% have not felt that their motivation has hit yet. This question will be asked periodically over the rest of this semester to see how much worse “senioritis” cases get as summer nears. 


Question: Senior mindset for the rest of the year? 

Students all had the general idea of finally relaxing. With midyear transcripts complete and applications done, most seniors are excited to have a less stressful second semester. A few responses suggested that seniors still want to keep motivated through the end of the year. Others feel that the second semester is an opportunity to prioritize community and focus on clubs.