Student Voices: Polls From February 11th, 2022

Mia Burke, Social Media Editor

Question: Do you think Fairfield Public Schools should lift the mask mandate? 

54% of those who took the poll felt that the mask mandate, while 46% felt the mandate should remain. The struggle seems to be the reluctance of removing masks in fear of cases worsening against the fact that people no longer want to wear masks. With a near even split, it is clear that the student body is unsure about moving forward with or without masks, especially as masks have become a part of what has been “normal”.


Question: If the mandate is lifted, would you still wear a mask?

63% of those who took the poll said that they would still wear a mask even if the mandate is lifted. While many are done with masks, the majority of people are hesitant to take the mask off, potentially driven by fear of increased cases, personal health, and the health of those around them.


Question: How should Ludlowe try to help with the transition back to normalcy?

Many noted in their responses the importances of still encouraging mask use and to potentially look at how vaccination status could play a role. For example, some suggested allowing vaccinated students to unmask.


Questions: Thoughts on the location of the Senior Prom?

The responses made it clear that the seniors are frustrated with the location of the prom, especially with the junior class getting an indoor location as opposed to the front lawn. Some students suggested trying to get the prom indoors somehow or trying to move the dance to the football field. Even through the frustration, students are still excited to have a Senior Prom.


Question: Thoughts on the location of graduation? 

The location of graduation has been split between two potential locations: the beach parking lot or the turf. While many like the idea of the beach graduation ceremony that has been used in the past two years due to COVID, the majority of the responses suggested that students rather have a more traditional graduation on the turf. 


Question: Super Bowl- Who are you rooting for? 

The results of the poll showed that 67% of respondents wanted the Bengals to win, while 33% were rooting for the Rams.