Student Voices: Polls from February 25th, 2022

Mia Burke, Social Media Editor

Question: Are you concerned with the events unfolding between Ukraine and Russia?

100% of people who responded to this question said that they are concerned about Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. As things have been escalating this past week, it will be interesting to see how people change their views on how we should approach this violence as a country, and as a world. 


Question: Are you comfortable with the mask changes starting this upcoming Monday?

80% of students voted that they feel comfortable with the mask optional policies that started this past Monday. While some discomfort was expressed, the majority of students at Fairfield Ludlowe High School have chosen not to wear masks, suggesting that many, even despite discomfort, are hoping to move into what is considered “normal”. 


Question: Should the U.S. launch a cyber attack on Russia?

Looking into responses to Russia’s attacks, 75% of students felt that the U.S. should wait before launching potential cyber attacks. This question was asked on the 25th of February and since things are intensifying by the hour, opinions may have significantly changed. 


Question: Would you like to see more events similar to the dodgeball tournament in the future? 

89% of students hope to see more events similar to the dodgeball tournament in the future. With mask restrictions practically gone and a new sense of normality in our school community, more events can take place inside and as it gets warmer, outside as well. Whether they are club led or school led, students look forward to more opportunities to participate in the Ludlowe community. 


Question: Will you be participating in the Battle of the Houses activities? 

95% of those who answered the question above will be participating in activities during Battle of the Houses. While the sample size of these polls does not give a complete picture of the student body, these results do hint at the eagerness of students to get back to normalcy.