Student Voices: Polls from March 4th, 2022

Mia Burke, Social Media Editor

Did you watch the State of the Union? 

59% of students who took the poll responded that they did watch the State of the Union Address. Many students taking courses on government were also instructed to watch the address. With that, it is encouraging to see students staying informed about our government.

Did the State of the Union have too much clapping? 

60% of the responses said that there was too much clapping. For reference, between President Biden’s statements, those in the audience, including but not limited to Congress men and women, stood up and applauded. After the address, many noted that there were a lot more standing ovations than many viewers had anticipated.

Has your concern about Russia’s attacks on Ukraine increased in the past week? 

100% of the voters said their concern has continued to increase over attacks on Ukraine. With Russian troops nearing Kiev and attacks on civilians, There is also a growing refugee crisis as Ukrainians rush to the border in hopes of finding safety. With the situation advancing so severely each day and Americans seeing effects at home, an example being gas prices, the concern makes sense. 

One week into the mask optional policy- how do you feel? 

85% of voters felt good after one week with the mask-optional policy. As weeks continue, we can  better understand what the mask-optional policy means for COVID cases and potential waves of infection. As of now, cases have remained somewhat tame and it should be interesting to see how the rest of the year progresses as we near warmer weather, when cases typically stay low. 

Are you going to the FCIAC Boys Hockey Finals game tomorrow? 

Only 30% of those who responded to this poll said they were going to the FCIAC Boys Hockey Finals last Saturday. Even with these results, the Nest, the student-run student section, had an amazing turnout to end the season.