Student Voices: Polls from March 18th, 2022

Mia Burke, Social Media Editor

Question: What strategies do you use for test prep? 

Students had a variety of thoughts on what are good methods to prepare for tests. One student said that looking back at notes is a useful way to prepare for tests. Another student suggested using practice tests so that students get a better feel for what the test will actually be like. Practice tests are also a great way to see what you know and what you may need to brush up on. Other students felt that there were other ways to feel prepared for tests: to sleep. As beneficial as it is to study for tests, sleep is crucial to ensuring you are ready to do your best on test day. 


Question: How do you feel about SATs becoming a requirement for ‘23 and onwards?

92% of the students who responded felt that SATs being a requirement seems to be unnecessary. With many colleges and universities across the country becoming test-optional, because of COVID as well as the recognition that standardized tests are not the best means to understand the strengths of students. While SATs are “required”, there are other ways for students to fill that requirement, included but not limited to getting the expected scores for 11th graders on the ACT, capstone courses, scoring above a 3 on AP Calculus courses, or many other means of showing that you meet the expected math and reading standards. More information can be found in the Program of Studies


Question: Thoughts on how to respond to the Ukraine crisis as a school community?

Some students felt that the walkathon may not be as effective as a whole-town collaboration. Others felt that fundraisers would be an effective way to support Ukraine. Regardless of how the school community decides to aid Ukraine, it is encouraging to see so many students want to be involved. The walkathon is currently planned to take place on April 28th, with a rain date of the 29th. It would be a school day event where classes would have the opportunity to go to the walkathon, as well as donate to the cause. There will also be a bake sale held and tee-shirts sold to raise money for the Save the Children organization. 


Question: Should Daylight Savings become permanent? 

The votes on this question were very close, with 58% of responses saying that Daylight Savings should be permanent and 42% saying that it should not. While the Senate has already passed the measure, making it permanent so Americans no longer have to turn their clocks an hour forwards or backwards twice a year, the House still has to cast its vote.