The Rise of the 2023 FLHS Girls Tennis Season

Siya Bajaj, Sports Editor

Fairfield Ludlowe High School is home to a talented, driven, high-achieving Varsity Girls Tennis Team. With the recent years of Covid-19 lockdown providing ample time and opportunity for countless locals to learn tennis for the first time, however, the team at FLHS will have tougher competition coming in than ever before with numerous new young talents who are ready to showcase their capabilities.

“I know it’s silly since I’ve been on the team for a couple years now, but I’m still super nervous about tryouts,” says Mae Kellersman, a two year player and current co-captain of the FLHS Varsity Girls Tennis Team.

“There’s going to be so many girls at tryouts,” Sophia Chelstowski, a prospective Varsity player planning on attending tryouts adds, “I don’t know how to feel.”

Students interested in trying out for a position on the Varsity Girls Tennis Team at FLHS should commend themselves for their athletic drive, and remember that the Falcon community wishes them the best of luck as the spring season sneakily approaches.