The Benefits of AP Courses

Siya Bajaj, Sports Editor

Advanced Placement classes are rigorous, structured courses which provide high school students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves intellectually and prepare for higher education. It is unarguable that all high school students should take AP classes, at least to some degree of exposure, as they carry unparalleled benefits for a developing student’s learning curve. 


Firstly, AP classes are designed to be rigorous and college-level, offering students a detailed understanding of vast subject areas. By indulging in AP classes, students have the opportunity to develop advanced techniques of critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills- all skills which are highly regarded in the workforce and are bound to help students excel in their respective futures. 


Secondly, enrolling in AP classes can potentially help students stand out in the college admissions process. Admissions officers often seek students who have challenged themselves in academia and demonstrated their capability to be successful in a college-level curriculum. By succeeding in AP classes, students can display their intellectual potential and readiness for further education. 


AP classes can even potentially save students time and money in the long run! Many colleges and universities offer college credit for AP classes, allowing students to skip over introductory courses and graduate early in some cases; this can save students time and money over the course of their schooling. 


Furthermore, taking AP classes can aid students mentally. By working through challenging courses, students can strengthen their confidence and learn priceless time-management skills which can help students succeed in all aspects of their lives. High school students would be doing themselves an injustice to not take advantage of the AP courses offered to them!