Putting Them on the Map

A brief overview on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s New Relationship
Putting Them on the Map

Once again Taylor Swift is making headlines, invoking a crossover of fanbases. Thanks to Swift and her latest relationship, the NFL has a whole new fanbase of Swifties. Since the start of this year’s football season, Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been dating the world famous singer, Taylor Swift. During the games, the media’s focus is geared towards Swift in the crowd. While this is exciting news for Swifties everywhere, the same cannot be said for the majority of NFL fans. 

With Taylor Swift recently ending her relationship with Joe Alwyn, Swifties have been eager to meet the new man occupying Swift’s time. Swift writes the majority of her music about her relationships, so fans love when she is in love. Swift has turned her relationships with men like Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, and John Mayer into hit songs. So Swifties have warmly welcomed Kelce, noting that he is a true gentleman and perfect for her. Videos of the two swarmed the internet, prompting the NFL to change their TikTok bio to “Taylor was here.” People all over the world started dressing up as the couple, allowing them to become a popular Halloween costume this year. The world was head over heels for this match. 

However, as news of the two spread, the hate began. People began to be thrown off by the relationship, posing the question: who put who on the map? Arguments about this took the internet by storm, causing people to post harsh comments and debate all over social media.

These two sections of pop culture coinciding has caused mass hysteria amongst the people. Familiar fans of football have started to come after Swift, villainizing her in the media. With the attention on Swift instead of the action on the field, football fans are becoming frustrated. However, ESPN has reported that this new relationship has increased Kelce’s jersey sales by over 400% and increased the NFL’s female demographic by 8%. The NFL gaining new fans who are watching the games each week has allowed for a new style of marketing by the NFL. These changes will help the NFL to grow and evolve, benefitting the viewers by allowing the NFL to branch out and gain more attention. This ultimately relies on the relationship, resulting in the consensus that perhaps it’s time for these two fan bases to come together and appreciate the power of both football and music.

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