Ludlowe’s Drama Club is Reaching New Horizons with Singin’ In the Rain

Ludlowe’s Drama Club is Reaching New Horizons with Singin’ In the Rain

After the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet this past fall, Fairfield Ludlowe Drama Club is switching things up and performing Singing in the Rain this weekend! 

This classic Broadway comedy, inspired by the 1951 film of the same title, takes place in 1920s Hollywood. It follows vaudeville movie star Don Lockwood through the transition from silent movies to talking pictures. With the incorporation of short ‘pictures’, a live orchestra, and tap dancing, this spring’s musical production will be like no other!

The live orchestra of around thirty musicians is primarily made up of Ludlowe music students, led by Mrs. Bryan, who have all been working incredibly hard to make the music for this show spectacular. Since Ludlowe has not had a live orchestra in a show since the production of Hello, Dolly! back in 2019, this is new territory for Mrs. Bryan, who is organizing and conducting the pit for this show. The students have been practicing every week for the past two months, and really enhance the quality and enjoyment of the show. 

On stage, the cast has been working just as hard! When director Christy Newsom first announced the show to be Singing in the Rain, the biggest concern for the ensemble was the heavy amount of dancing, specifically tap, incorporated in the show. Very few had prior dance backgrounds, and even fewer had any tap experience at all. In preparation for the show, some of the cast took it upon themselves to take tap classes, and learn the basics of tap dancing. Even so, it has taken months of dedication from both the students and choreographer, Kelsey Kaminski, to achieve confidence and energy in the dance numbers.

The story follows the lives of dramatic and hilarious movie stars as they work in Hollywood, including the ‘pictures’ they star in. Because of this, part of the cast had the opportunity to film scenes in the Burr Mansion, which will be played during the musical itself. Both films, The Royal Rascal and The Dueling/Dancing Cavalier, take place in completely different centuries than that which the show takes place during, which means the costume crew had to work extra hard. In addition to the primary wardrobe essentials, the show includes many extra costume pieces, wigs, and accessories, all of which have to be period-accurate.  

 Lastly, the show could not run without the help of the fantastic crew, led by Will Jeffries. 

Not only is the crew responsible for the beautiful set and all of the props in the show, but they have really gone above and beyond to make the musical as magical as possible. You’ll truly have to see it to believe it!

Christy Newsom, along with an incredible staff composed of Choreographer Kelsey Kaminski, Vocal Director Kimberly Sadler, Music Director Susannah Bryan, Scenic Designer/Technical Director Will Jefferies, Sound Designer Samuel Echkert, Lighting Designer Dan Rowe, and Costume Designer Maggie Meath, have worked tirelessly to put together a phenomenal show. We are so grateful for their dedication and hard work to make this experience special.


Come support your peers in Singing in the Rain on April 26th, 27th, and 28th in the Fairfield Ludlowe High School auditorium!

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