Tik Tok Ban

Tik Tok Ban

On March 13, 2024 the bill H.R. 7521 was passed, one that threatens the ban of Tik Tok in the United States. TikTok, is an extremely popular app since its creation in 2016. It allows its users to post clips and photos, comment on such photos, and just scroll through videos for entertainment. TikTok has been exceedingly popular since its creation, and with its 1 billion monthly users, very successful. With its ban imminent, many of its users rally in opposition.

Despite the uprising of angry users from the threat of the app’s demise, there are a multitude of hurdles the U.S. has to go through, and it will likely be years until the app is banned, or even gets close to that.

This threat is certainly not new news, especially with “Project Texas” in 2022 and the threat of its banning years before. What’s different? The majority of the House—352 to 65—passed the measure which would officially ban TikTok if its owners, the Chinese company ByteDance, do not sell the app within six months. Parts of both parties came to an agreement to support such a bill which resulted in its sweeping votes throughout the House. 

Parts of both parties are strictly opposed to the bill, claiming that it is a threat to the First Amendment and that with the app’s 170 million American users, its popularity displays its favorability in the eyes of the American public. Especially with its users mainly consisting of teenagers and young adults, banning Tik Tok could cause massive repercussions in terms of protest against the bill. TikTok even urged its supporters to rally in support of the app, leading to threatening messages and calls to senators.

Prior to the most recent bill banning TikTok, it had already been banned on the devices of government officials since 2023. State employees from 34 out of 50 states have been banned from using the app. 

China, and specifically ByteDance are strongly against such a sale and continue to assure the U.S. government that TikTok is not recording or selling data to China. Regardless, the bill ensues. 

The bill has yet to pass to the hands of the Senate, and thus is not in full effect yet. However, the ban of TikTok may be imminent, and its users are outraged.

Since this article was published, the Senate did pass legislation in April of 2024 banning the use of TikTok if its parent company does not sell the social media platform. 

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