Top 10 books of February 2021!

Julie Dunn, Staff Writer

A new month means the beginning of new books! This February marks many releases from authors such as Sarah J. Maas, Kristen Hannah, Courtney Summers, Kate Clayborn, and Luanne Rice. Here is a list of book recommendations to have an amazing February reading!

  1. A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

This book is great for fantasy readers such as myself! I hope fans of the series enjoy what this book has to offer!

  1. The Four Winds by Kristen Hannah 

We do not get many YA books about the Dust Bowl, despite it being a major part of the Great Depression. Thus, this is a great book for FLHS students to learn more about this time in the United States.

  1. The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

An interesting YA fantasy novel from an African American female author, and the start to a new YA series; I absolutely love fantasy stories where the main protagonist is a woman of color; however, there are not a lot of YA series like that.

  1. The Project by Courtney Summers

This book comes from the author of Sadie, which was an extremely well-received thriller novel, about a missing girl on an act of revenge. Those who enjoyed reading Sadie should definitely read this novel!

  1. The Shadow Box by Luanne Rice 

For those who enjoy thriller novels, this is the book for you! This book comes from a very talented author who has a great style.

  1. The Survivors by Jane Harper

Thrillers like this book could be interesting, for more skilled readers. I would recommend reading these kinds of novels when the reader is older and can pay attention to details for much more complex stories.

  1. Love at First by Kate Clayborn 

I absolutely love fluffy romance novels, such as this, plus I have read the works from the authors above. I adore them all. This is a heartwarming and sweet novel, great for Valentine’s Day!

  1. My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russel 

A novel like this has a very dark, but important message to send. Many teenagers experience similar relationships, especially with the internet today, and we have the need to protect innocent teens more than ever.

  1. The Iron Raven by Julie Kagawa

This is interesting because it is pretty different from other modern fantasy stories. Also, this novel appeals to readers who enjoy Shakespearean stories- Puck is very similar to comic relief characters in a Shakespearean story.

  1. Hadley and Grace by Suzanne Redfearn 

I enjoy stories with friendships between two protagonists who spend time together, as they go on life’s adventures, having to rely on each other. These characters connect and cherish the time they spend together.