One of the Boys

In all sports, playing goalkeeper is arguably the hardest position of them all.

Goalkeepers face tremendous amounts of pressure during soccer games as they try to keep the ball out of an 8×24 foot net in order to keep their team in the game. Now imagine the pressure of being a female goalkeeper in a male league, and the pressure is surely multiplied. 

Yet, for goalie Rosalyn Page, it’s just another day on the field. She does not see her teammates any differently; she’s been on the field with them for years. Page, a junior, has been the Coudersport High School’s starting goalie since her sophomore year and has more-than proven her abilities with 189 saves this season alone.

In an interview she explained, “The trick is to remain positive and maintain constant communication with teammates.” Although it wasn’t easy at the start, Page formed a solid relationship with her teammates. In her first year, the team welcomed her despite potential backlash.

Eager to improve both her relationships and skills, Page regularly stayed after practice to get extra saves in with teammates. This level of dedication and commitment gave both Page and her teammates more chemistry, skills, and practice opportunities as she demonstrated the drive and natural leadership skills she possesses.

The work paid-off, with strong results for her team as they finished 11-7 and just one game short of the state playoffs.

As one of three female players on this small-town’s mighty team, Page has unintentionally become quite a stand-out and role model for other athletes. Page seems to fully grasp the duty and responsibility of this position and hopes she is sending a positive message of encouragement not just to other girls, but to all athletes.

Her advice to anyone in a similar position to her is “you just have to try your hardest. You can’t see yourself as a girl in a guy’s sport.”  Page believes, “You do have to work harder just because of the situation, but it’s definitely possible to achieve your dreams, no matter what team you’re on”.

With this devotion, Page is already looking towards her senior season and has big goals including making the state playoffs. “Sometimes other teams are surprised when they see a girl in the net. I just love the game and feel committed to putting in the work towards improving for both myself and my teammates.

Instead of hanging up the gloves, Page told us she plans to continue practicing with teammates on the weekends and will be playing in spring and summer tournaments to stay sharp on her skills.

Clearly, Rosalyn Page is not “just one of the boys.” Rosalyn Page is an amazing athlete, natural leader, and example for us all.